Season of Frostfall

Patch Notes, 2023-12-19

Season of Frostfall

Frostfall arrives!

Even in the usually vibrant and ever-thriving nation of Ambros, famous for its boastful Hedonists and the ever-growing crops of golden wheat and fruit, there comes a time of year when everything becomes a little quieter. A time when the buzz of activity gives way to the more peaceful, more serene season of Frostfall.

Crunching steps on fluffed-up snow, glistening flakes entangled in the dense coats of various Dir species, and the grimly snarling Griz, unable to hibernate due to bold Coreborn encroaching on their territory — all these wintry signs both warm our hearts and freeze our fingertips.

Yet, this idyllic stillness is deceptive: While the humanoid inhabitants of Ambros find comfort in their cozy homes during these cold days, the creatures of the land never rest.

Join the Celebrations

For the next three weeks, all the Core Nations will be celebrating the Season of Frostfall and the riches it brings, and you, our pioneering Coreborn, are joining them!

In this update, we are introducing a wintry vibe to the Fields and Forests of Ambros. When you hunt, craft, or forage away the cold, you might stumble upon our special seasonal coins, which the new Frostfall vendor in Coreheim can’t wait to take off your hands. In exchange, of course, for candy cane-sweet goodies!

Frostfall-themed PBS schematics and hats are waiting for you to decorate your towns and bring the festive spirit to your community.

Season of Frostfall

  • Added Frostfall vendor to Coreheim
  • Added seasonal interior items for sale at the Frostfall Vendor
  • Added Christmas hats that are also for sale at the Frostfall Vendor
  • Added Frostfall Coins that can be obtained everywhere (and used in Coreheim!)
  • Added snow globe VFX for towns & updated the border visuals (you may want to visit the vendor in Coreheim to unlock this)


  • Improved Bandit group combat behavior about their threat and aggro design as well as positioning adjustments
  • Added bandit captain ‘Warcry’ VFX
  • Added bandit death dissolve VFX
  • Improved bandit visuals, they now have new haircuts & tattoos and wear more distinguishable outfits per role
  • Improved audio for the bandits
  • Fixed invalid death collision when a player comes from far away to a defeated bandit
  • Fixed an issues with bandits losing target when the player jumps
  • Bandit spawns adjusted to prevent spawning outside of intended areas and to match arenas more closely
  • Bandits can no longer leave the intended areas by dodging
  • Fixed an issue where critical Bandit hits could been heard by all players in the area
  • Fixed Bandit spawns in the southern moss seas that couldn’t be reached by players


  • Updated various localization strings (shout out to CdriX from our community for supporting with the French localization)


  • Fixed login issues after being disconnected with an error code and send back to the login screen with no possibility to login to the game again
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in the loading screen after starting the game and disconnecting due to timeout
  • Fixed an issue where the poison effect stack icon can be removed while poison is still active
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon assembly bench has the wrong description in the building menu
  • Fixed waterfall in southern moss seas so waterfall now flows downwards
  • Fixed an issue where some recipes could still be consumed although it has already been unlocked and learned by the player
  • Fixed an issue that caused the projectile of the pot throwers to sometimes collide with unwanted impact points such as trees
  • Fixed an issue where trees could drop double loot on the first hit
  • Fixed an issue with moving interior lamps and calculation of limits between towns
  • Oropala is now playing the correct recovery VFX
  • Fixed an issue where players could interrupt other players’ attacks by hitting
  • Fixed potential server crash
  • Fixed an issue where defeated creatures were blocking telegraphs

Survey, Closing Remarks

There is a new survey regarding interior design in the game! Keep in mind you can access the surveys from the in-game settings menu (as pictured) or via this link.

We look forward to your feedback and thank you in advance for taking part! Also, don’t forget to join us in our Discord for any feedback, hints, help needed, trading, or more!

Happy Holidays!

Your Blankhans Team

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